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Stall Bars

Vita Fitness Stall Bars (also known as a Swedish Bar) are made in the USA from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. It's heavy-duty, robust construction makes it suitable for both commercial and home use. When it comes to this type of equipment invest in the best.

The Stall Bar is the most versatile piece of exercise/therapeutic equipment to use. Because it allows for so many different types of exercises for both individual and group training, it is an excellent tool for developing strength, flexibility and conditioning. Stall bars are used in gyms, schools, hospitals and homes by many different users - athletes, gymnasts, physical therapists, military and police personnel, martial artists, weightlifters and other fitness enthusiasts.

Stall Bars are used to perform a wide variety of exercises used in:

Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training, Flexibility Training, Strength Training, Muscle Development Training, Parkour Training, Rehabilitation, Pre-rehabilitation (to prevent injury), Climbing and Coordination skills

Some exercises performed on the Stall Bar include:

Front Support for Straight Arm Strength, Back Support for Straight Arm Strength, Human Flag "flagpole"(Sideways Handstand), Hanging Knee Raises, Hanging Leg Raises, Dragon Flags, Triceps extensions, Decline Pushups, Handstand Pushups, Chin ups, and Pull Ups
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